Meadow Size

Our meadows come in 3 sizes to suit different occasions and budgets. 

Here are some of our recent meadows, to give you an idea of size and style. Yours may not look exactly like these ones, but they'll be just as beautiful. 

 PS: The wine bottle is to help you judge the different sizes - don't' worry we don't drink while we design!

Our Small Meadow

Small but perfectly formed.

For the little thank you's, thinking of you, good job or just because!

Our Medium Meadow

More than double the size but not twice the price! 

 A perfect way to say thank you, congratulations, get well soon or to brighten up your home.

Our Large Meadow

Wow or woo with a really big meadow! 

To impress, celebrate something special or to say I love you.

Flowers come with a personalised message, care instructions, plenty of water and plant food to keep them nice and fresh. They also comes in a craft paper bag so are easy to carry.

Free delivery anywhere in Singapore.


What our customers say...

"Been going around to order from the various to say, 

I've found my fav! :)" -  Nur 

"Thank you for the beautiful flowers.  My wife simply love them." -  JN

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